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Community relations

As part of any proposed project activity, we seek to engage with stakeholders in local communities on a regular basis to share information and identify any issues or concerns.

Cultural heritage and diversity

At ExxonMobil, our respect for the cultural heritage and customs of local communities carries into our business practices, where we leverage specific studies to deepen the knowledge among our workforce.

Indigenous peoples

Our operations are sometimes based in areas inhabited or historically used by indigenous peoples. We respect and work with these communities to protect their cultures and customs.

Land use and resettlement

We understand community members often have concerns about how our operations may affect their land and way of life.

Managing community impacts

The success and sustainability of our business depend on how well we manage socioeconomic impacts and address the interests of the communities in which we work.

Respecting human rights

ExxonMobil actively promotes respect for human rights and is committed to complying with all applicable laws and regulations.

Strategic community investments

Our strategic community investments complement our business and are aligned with a country’s economic and social goals. In 2014, we contributed $279 million to communities around the world.