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Wednesday 19 March 2014  

Golden Beach petroleum accumulations

Last week accumulations of petroleum, likely to be crude oil in the form of tarballs, were found washed up in the area of Golden Beach, a section of 90 Mile Beach in Gippsland Victoria.

The Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure (DTPLI) is the agency responsible for marine pollution incidents and has arranged for the clean-up of the beach, which is now complete.

Esso provided resources to assist in this clean-up, including beach clean-up teams and equipment, under the direction of the lead response agency. Esso would typically make both people and equipment available to assist in the clean-up of an incident such as this, regardless of the cause of the incident.

The DTPLI will also investigate the source of the tarballs and Esso is engaging with the Department to provide assistance throughout the course of its investigation.

Esso has undertaken extensive investigations of its offshore infrastructure to attempt to identify potential sources. This has included aerial inspections, facility and pipeline inspection and testing, and reverse trajectory modeling. To date, Esso has not identified the source of the tarballs, however, it is continuing to investigate.

Tarballs such as these can be caused by a range of different events and Esso understands the DTPLI, in conjunction with other relevant agencies, is considering all potential sources.




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