Refinery growth a boost for local economy and employment

Altona Refinery continues to buck the trend in the local manufacturing industry, increasing local employment in Melbourne’s west and offering strong economic benefits to the local Hobsons Bay and wider Victorian economies.


Refinery growth a boost for local economy and employment

Altona Refinery Manager Riccardo Cavallo said the refinery has been hiring a significant number of people throughout 2017 and continuing into 2018.

“We continue to defy Australia’s increasingly challenging environment for manufacturing and remain committed to Altona Refinery’s ongoing success. I personally am proud of its standing as one of the most efficient and competitive refineries in the world,” he said. 

HR Client Advisor for Australia/New Zealand Refining, Supply & Midstream, Simone Roberts, said Altona Refinery welcomed more than 20 new employees in 2017.

“In 2018, we have hired nine new employees so far at Altona across a range of process engineering and operational roles, and a further six new operations trainees have commenced their traineeship.

“We also have had the opportunity over the past two years to offer jobs to highly experienced workers whose previous employers have closed due to the challenges facing the local manufacturing industry,” she said.

Photo — Mobil's Altona Refinery continues to defy Australia’s increasingly challenging environment for manufacturing, boosting state and local economies.

Riccardo said that new investments, particularly around the supply of jet fuel, will continue to enhance ExxonMobil Australia’s contribution as major supplier of fuel for Australia.

“The logistics of supplying fuel for growing local aviation demand is a key focus for our local business. As part of this, Altona Refinery is currently completing works to expand the jet fuel treater, which will increase jet fuel production from 10KBD to 12KBD.

“In the wider supply chain, the business has made significant investments in new tanks at Yarraville Terminal and the Melbourne Joint User Hydrant Installation (JUHI), as well as a new pipeline between Yarraville Terminal and the Somerton jet fuel pipeline,” he said.

Altona Refinery economic contribution fast facts:

  • Pays more than $1 million in rates to Hobsons Bay City Council and around $3 million in fees and charges to City West Water each year.
  • Increases Victoria’s economic output by $270 million a year – however the full contribution of Altona Refinery to the Victorian economy, including direct and indirect benefits, is substantially higher.
  • Provides jobs for around 350 people while indirectly supporting thousands of other jobs.
  • Generates approximately $2.9 million in annual payroll taxes to the Victorian Government. 
  • Pays more than $6 million in port fees and wharfage to the Port of Melbourne Corporation.

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