Demonstrating our commitment to fuel supply security

Fuel supply security remains an issue of utmost importance for our local business and our government and industry more broadly. Recently, the Secretary of the Department of Environment and Energy, Mr Finn Pratt and other colleagues from the energy security and liquid fuels policy teams, visited our key fuel supply sites in Melbourne.


Demonstrating our commitment to fuel supply security

The Department of Environment and Energy design and implement Australian Government policy and programs to ensure adequate, reliable and affordable energy. The tour was offered to the department by the Australian Institute of Petroleum (AIP) to help them to better understand our local refining and supply operations and how these contribute to Australia’s energy security.

The tour included Altona Refinery and Yarraville Terminal, as well as the Melbourne Airport Joint User Hydrant Installation (JUHI) facility where the group viewed progress of works currently underway to prepare for two new jet fuel tanks and other improvements to supply resilience.

Altona Refinery Manager Riccardo Cavallo said the visit also provided a chance to demonstrate ExxonMobil’s commitment to Altona Refinery and wider supply chain via its ongoing investment.

“None of our visitors had been to a fuel refinery or terminal previously, so this was an important opportunity to highlight items of importance to, and investments in, our local operations.

“In addition, the Energy Security and Efficiency Office were able to ask us key questions around the recently announced fuel security review, which will feed into the National Energy Security Assessment.

“ExxonMobil and the entire industry have always contributed to past fuel security reviews and we look forward to participating in this review, as we believe it should identify that there are much more fuels stocks available to Australia than is being claimed or reported,” he said.

Australia Lead Country Manager Richard Owen said the visit also provided an opportunity for senior leadership to discuss with government opportunities to support Australia’s fuel security, including encouraging domestic exploration and production of oil and gas.

“We are committed to maintaining a strong dialogue with government to advocate for the best outcomes for Australia’s fuel supply security in the long-term.” he said.

Photo — Altona Refinery Manager Riccardo Cavallo said the visit also provided a chance to demonstrate ExxonMobil’s commitment to Altona Refinery and wider supply chain via its ongoing investment.

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