Emission possible

While some would view the increasing demand for transportation fuels and the regulatory mandate to further reduce emissions as a monumental paradox, the Mobil team have been working diligently to harmonise the two concepts through the development of a new vapour recovery unit.


Emission possible

The new unit, which replaces two smaller vapour recovery units at Yarraville Terminal, captures fumes from the tanks of trucks as they load fuel before returning the product back into the tanks. The process therefore achieves the two - seemingly disparate - goals for Mobil of increasing fuel production and reducing emissions. 

“Now fully operational, the new unit is around 70 percent more efficient than older 1980s era units and is playing a major role in the terminal’s overall supply optimisation project,” said Project Manager Gary Brown.

“Installation of the new vapour recovery unit was a complex 12-month process involving more than 3,500 work hours, along with a series of seven lifts which were completed to install the absorber tower, four skid modules and two carbon beds each containing approximately nine tonne of carbon.”

Yarraville Terminal Manager Andrew McCormack said this project represents a key milestone in Mobil’s $400 million investment program across the Yarraville Terminal and Altona Refinery.

“Much credit goes to Project Manager Gary Brown and his team who executed the project safely and efficiently whilst the terminal continued to operate at full capacity.

“Yarraville Terminal now operates with a reduced environmental footprint and an increased ability to service Australia’s growing fuel needs,” said Andrew.

Did you know?

  • As a vital hub for Victorian transportation, the Yarraville Terminal handles approximately four billion litres of refined fuel products each year (around eleven million litres per day).
  • The total terminal storage capacity is 160 million litres across 22 operational fuel tanks.
Photo — “Yarraville Terminal now operates with a reduced environmental footprint and an increased ability to service Australia’s growing fuel needs.”

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