Terminal hosts a day for the drivers

Few jobs in the energy industry are more challenging or more important than our transport fleet truck drivers.


Terminal hosts a day for the drivers

These are the people who complete the critical path in the logistics chain from energy producer to consumers.

While driving on the roads is one of the highest risk activities each of us do in our daily lives, for our transport fleet this is obviously compounded by the addition of tonnes of truck and fuel.

“Safety is of paramount importance with our trucking fleet,” said Australian Fleet Supervisor Shaun de Blaquiere. “We ask a great deal of our drivers. Not only do they need to drive safely, but they have to load and unload their fuel cargos safely.

“We build strong relationships with all our contract haulage firms and their drivers.”

Photo — A Mobil fleet hauler, Petrogas, delivers diesel to a customer in Adelaide. “We ask a great deal of our drivers. Not only do they need to drive safely, but they have to load and unload their fuel cargos safely.”

Shaun said he has been really impressed by the dedication and commitment of the drivers.

“They readily embrace our safety guidelines and share our commitment to ensuring nobody gets hurt. This is reflected in the Australian fleet’s excellence safety performance.”

Mobil Yarraville Terminal Operations Coordinator James Abernethy said all the haulage drivers that used the terminal were passionate about their trucks and about driving.

Yarraville is Mobil’s primary distribution terminal in Melbourne for the supply of petrol, diesel and jet fuel throughout Victoria.

In May the terminal held a Driver Appreciation Day to acknowledge 300-plus fleet drivers who pick up fuel from Yarraville.

Photo — Scott Pye, James Courtney and Andrew Wiles discuss race driving at Yarraville Terminal.

“In a market where customer experience is built on relationships, reliability and quality of service, the Driver Appreciation Day is an opportunity to acknowledge, and strengthen our relationship with, our truck-driver customers at the load rack ,” said James.

“We thought the best way to show our appreciation was to bring the elite drivers from the Mobil 1 HSV racing team along to share their experiences behind the wheel.

“Earlier this year HSV driver James Courtney went along to a Driver Appreciation Day at our Silverwater Terminal in Sydney and at Yarraville he brought teammate Scott Pye along.”

Photo — Scott Pye, James Courtney and Andrew Wiles discuss race driving at Yarraville Terminal.

The event also gave our Industrial & Wholesale and Mobil Lubes distributor teams an opportunity to showcase their products.

“It was an excellent initiative to help us show our appreciation for the excellent work the drivers do delivering the vital fuel supplies to the State,” said James.

Photo — Shaun de Blaquiere (front) with (from left) James Courtney Mobil 1 HSV Racing Team driver, Evan O’Brien from Southern Cross Lubes, Scott Pye Mobil 1 HSV Racing Team driver, Wholesale Fuels Territory Manager Mandy Humphries and Lubes and Specialties Industrial Advisor Brenden Tymensen at the Driver Appreciation Day.

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