Australia contributions guidelines

ExxonMobil has a long-standing tradition of investing in the community.


Australia contributions guidelines

The contributions program gives priority to projects that have either a Victorian or national focus, or local community projects that are located near one of our major areas of operations:

  • Longford/Sale (Gippsland, Victoria)
  • Long Island Point/Hastings (Western Port, Victoria)
  • Altona and Yarraville (Melbourne, Victoria)

Priority interests

  • Health (including community safety)
  • Education (maths, science & engineering)
  • Environment/conservation

Community support projects, volunteering and the arts are also supported.

We seek to fund specific community projects (not general fundraising appeals) with defined budget items. Projects that demonstrate broad community benefits are a priority. We favour projects where the company and the community group can develop a close working relationship.

Organisations must be not-for-profit and incorporated.


The contributions program does not support overseas projects, travel grants, political donations, religious donations, individuals, private enterprises, sport, international aid, conferences, ongoing salaries, one-off campaigns, multi-sponsor arrangements, organisation operating costs, projects that are ongoing or capital expenses. The Contributions Program provides financial support only and does not cover fuel donations.

We do not support general fundraisers, including raffles, prizes, auctions, gala events, quiz nights or appeals.

Our contributions program is not used to promote product sales or specific brand recognition.

We do not support local organisations unless they are geographically located in an area where we have significant facilities or numbers of employees.


Written requests are required and there are no application forms or deadlines. The assessment process is ongoing from February to November. Applications should be sent to:

ExxonMobil Australia
Public & Government Affairs
GPO Box 400
Melbourne VIC 3001


A funding agreement is required. Community groups receiving support are required to provide a project report on funded activities and an expenditure statement. Applicants should provide a previously audited financial statement and annual report.

Availability of funds

Funds for new projects are limited. Only a small number of new projects can be supported each year as we give preference to our existing successful community partnerships.

Worldwide community investments

Our worldwide spending includes a focus on malaria, maths and science and women's economic opportunity. Learn more.

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