Highlighting the personal stories behind our long history in Gippsland

To mark the 50th anniversary of our Gippsland Basin Joint Venture (GBJV) operations, we are highlighting how our local business has helped power Australia forward as a nation, and the local perspective driving this progress throughout the years.


Highlighting the personal stories behind our long history in Gippsland

Longford Plants Manager David Anderson said that the success of Longford Plants is down to the ability to work as a team. 

“Folks that come and work for us soon realise that our business cares about its people and its employees.

“For Esso, we understand that operating in a community is a two-way street. We may employ locals, but it doesn’t end there. We want to know that we can support a community that supports us,” he said. 

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Gippsland Basin Joint Venture. Energy for Australia.

In 2019, the Gippsland Basin Joint Venture (GBJV) is celebrating 50 years of operations in Gippsland – a significant milestone both locally in Gippsland and more broadly for the impact the GBJV has had in Australia’s economic growth over the past half-century.

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