Energy and environment

Downstream operations

Each year in Australia, we extract and refine millions of barrels of oil and store and transport billions of litres of fuel to help meet the community’s energy needs.

Altona Refinery

Located 13 kilometres west of Melbourne, Mobil Altona Refinery has been fuelling Victoria since 1949.


Fuel terminals

ExxonMobil operates fuel distribution terminals in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide and has access to fuel terminals in other locations to support our reliable supply of high-quality Mobil fuel in every state of Australia.


Mobil's contribution to Australia's liquid fuel security

The Australian Government continues to focus on Australia’s liquid fuel security to help deliver affordable and reliable energy to Australians.

Mobil is committed to helping maintain the reliability of Australia’s fuel supply chain, and we continue to invest in improving our storage and supply capacity to support a reliable supply of fuel to our customers.

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