Mobil's contribution to Australia's liquid fuel security

The Australian Government continues to focus on Australia’s liquid fuel security to help deliver affordable and reliable energy to Australians.


Mobil's contribution to Australia's liquid fuel security

Mobil is pleased to be participating in the Australian Government’s Request for Information process, which is seeking to identify possible opportunities to increase Australia’s domestic fuel storage capacity. 

Australians have long-benefited from a robust fuel supply chain, thanks to the ongoing investment by industry in fuel supply and logistics infrastructure to keep pace with growing demand.

Mobil is committed to helping maintain the reliability of Australia’s fuel supply chain, and we continue to invest in improving our storage and supply capacity to support a reliable supply of fuel to our customers. Our customers know they can count on us to provide the fuel they need, when and where they need it.

Some recent examples of this investment include an increase to Altona refinery’s production capacity in 2018, a major maintenance turnaround completed last year and construction of a new 88 million litre crude tank, the largest tank at the refinery. 

In the last few years we have also constructed two new 20 million litre tanks at Yarraville terminal, two new jet fuel tanks at Melbourne Airport, and a new pipeline to improve the transport of jet fuel from Yarraville terminal to Melbourne Airport. 

Recently, we commenced a project to expand the truck loading rack at Yarraville terminal which will enable fuel tankers to spend less time at the terminal and get on their way to delivering fuel to communities faster.

As the operator of the Altona refinery, which supplies around half of Victoria’s refined fuel needs, we are also pleased that the Government is focused on the important role of the local refining sector in Australia’s diverse and secure supply chain.

While Australia’s current fuel supply infrastructure and systems support a secure and reliable supply of fuel, we respect the views of the Australian government if it believes more storage is needed from a policy perspective.

Mobil believes there are potential opportunities through our operations across the country for new storage, however, the details of these are confidential.

We will continue to engage with the Australian government and are open to exploring how we may be able to assist the government to meet its policy objective through additional storage in strategic locations while maintaining current level of storage at existing refining sites.

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More information about the state of Australia’s transport fuel security is available on the Australian Institute of Petroleum website.