Energy and environment

Upstream operations

We are progressing new projects to help meet Australia’s growing gas demand.

The South East Australia Carbon Capture Hub

Esso Australia is undertaking early front-end engineering design (pre-FEED) studies to determine the potential for carbon capture and storage to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from multiple industries in the Gippsland Basin.


Bass Strait

In 1965 an Esso/BHP Billiton joint venture drilled Australia's first offshore well and discovered the Barracouta gas field in Bass Strait.

Longford Plants

Longford, with its three gas plants and one crude oil stabilisation plant, is one of the most important industrial facilities in Australia.

Long Island Point

Opened in 1970, the Long Island Point plant, situated near Hastings, 75 kilometres south-east of Melbourne, plays a vital role in the Bass Strait production line.

Gorgon project

The project is developing the Gorgon and Jansz-Io fields, located between 130 and 200 kilometres off the northwestern coast of Western Australia.

Decommissioning in Bass Strait

ExxonMobil Australia is committed to decommissioning our Bass Strait offshore facilities at the right time, and in the right way.


Natural gas – an essential energy source

Victorian homes and businesses rely heavily on natural gas. As Australia's energy landscape transitions, this presents a challenge, but also a unique opportunity. Natural gas will continue to play an essential role maintaining the energy security Victorians are used to as we progress towards a lower emissions future. 

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A cleaner energy option

Natural gas will play an increasingly important role in meeting the world's growing demand for energy. The shift toward natural gas will carry tremendous benefits for consumers and the environment. Natural gas is affordable, reliable, efficient and available. It is also the least carbon-intensive of the major energy sources, emitting up to 60 percent less CO2 emissions than coal when used for electricity generation. Learn more

More than $18 billion invested

ExxonMobil has invested more than $18 billion in major gas projects such as the Kipper Tuna Turrum and West Barracouta Projects in Victoria and the Gorgon Project in Western Australia, to develop Australia’s natural gas resources and deliver cleaner-burning energy.

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