Regional exploration

ExxonMobil's fundamental exploration strategy is to identify, evaluate, pursue and capture the highest-quality opportunities across all resource types and in any environment.


Regional exploration

The combination of technical expertise, extensive global databases, and industry-leading research facilities provides us with a distinct competitive advantage in the pursuit, capture and commercialisation of new resources. In fact, recognition of these capabilities creates opportunities for us as other organisations seek a partner with our broad skills and experience.

We screen prospects for quality, materiality, and commercial viability. Careful consideration is given to ensure diversity and balance in our exploration portfolio with respect to resource type and risk. Only the best opportunities are selected for further investment. Once an opportunity is captured, we evaluate it in the most cost-effective manner and apply what we learn to future investment decisions.

In Melbourne we have a large team of earth scientists working side by side with our engineers to support growth in ExxonMobil’s work across exploration and development projects throughout the Asia Pacific region as well as production in Gippsland and Papua New Guinea.