Connection November 2021

Welcome to the November 2021 edition of Connection


Connection November 2021

Through our supply of essential energy to Australian homes, business and industries, ExxonMobil Australia is proud to support the employment of many thousands of Australians.

Whether it’s through providing employment opportunities in our own operations, or supplying the energy used by local manufacturers, cafes and restaurants, hospitals, hotels, transport and logistics firms, and countless other industries, our reliable supply of natural gas and transportation fuels are helping to power Australian jobs.

As we continue to develop our own future workforce, we are very pleased to announce that our innovative apprenticeship and traineeship program recently won the prestigious Australian Apprenticeships Employer Award at the 2021 Australian Training Awards.

Developed and run together with WPC, this program has engaged 42 apprentices and trainees in roles across our Gippsland operations since 2018. In this edition of Connection, you can view a short video that highlights some of the unique elements that have helped to make this program such a success and hear directly from those involved about its benefits.

We’ve also got an update on our gas sales agreement with Oceania Glass which has been expanded so that even more Gippsland gas will be used in their manufacture of Australian glass, indirectly supporting thousands of jobs in the construction and building industry

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In this edition

Esso Australia and WPC Group win national award

Innovative apprenticeship training program with 100% success rate brings home national award for Esso Australia and WPC Group.

Delivering Mobil Synergy Fuels to far north Queensland

Innovative technology supports the delivery of  Mobil Synergy Fuels to remote areas

First import of Unleaded Petrol completed

Important milestone in Altona’s transition to terminal operations

#AusVaxChallenge 2.0 results are in!

As Victoria reaches its vaccination targets, our vaccination efforts are contributing to three deserving charities

Altona Careers Fair

A two-week virtual Careers Fair highlighted the valuable skillset and talents of Altona refinery’s people

Local glass production powered by Gippsland gas

MELBOURNE, Australia – Esso Australia Resources Pty Ltd (‘Esso’, a subsidiary of ExxonMobil Australia Pty Ltd) has extended its gas sales agreement with Oceania Glass, which will see the company continue supplying Gippsland gas to support Australian glass production until at least the mid-2020s.