Connection September 2020

Welcome to the first edition of our Connection newsletter


Connection September 2020
Welcome to our very first edition of Connection, ExxonMobil Australia’s digital news platform.

Connection will provide you with regular updates across all aspects of our business here in Australia, as well as sharing news from New Zealand and the Pacific Islands from time to time.

The transition of our Connection magazine to this new online format was in part accelerated by the COVID19 pandemic. The rapidly evolving situation, physical distancing and isolation have highlighted just how vital digital communication channels are in helping us all to stay connected and up to date with the latest information.

As it has for so many others, the pandemic has provided many challenges for our business. The significant, prolonged restrictions on personal movement in Victoria have caused a dramatic reduction in demand for our transportation fuels, placing unprecedented pressure on our Altona refinery. Meanwhile remote working and schooling has increased people’s reliance on our Gippsland gas to power and heat their homes, especially through winter.

The pandemic has also contributed to significant economic pressures for many industries, including ours. 

As we weather the storm of tough economic conditions, compounded by the impacts of COVID19 restrictions, we’re working hard to make sure that our people and processes stay safe – so that we can continue to reliably and safely supply the energy Australia needs.

We have implemented increased safety and hygiene practices along with measures to support physical distancing across all of our workplaces. And we’re working closely with authorities, like the Department of Health and Human Services, so that we can ensure our workplace is one of the safest places for our people to be.

During this challenging time it’s also important that we continue to support the people in our local communities, many of whom are also doing it tough. In this edition of Connection you can learn more about some of the ways we’re supporting our neighbours and community groups close to our operations, including our ongoing engagement with schools through our Bright Future Grants.

In this edition

Celebrating the contribution of our engineers and scientists during National Science Week

Scientists and engineers have a vital role in helping ExxonMobil Australia supply the energy we all rely on.

Altona refinery community bulletin August 2020

Read the latest news from Altona refinery in our August 2020 community bulletin.

Supporting our future scientists at Western Port Secondary College

Bright Future Grants support practical science lessons in the classroom and at home.

Longford Plants update September 2020

Update from Kartik Garg, Longford Plants Manager.

Building a library of STEM resources at St Joseph Primary School

Birkenhead terminal’s Bright Future Grants are supporting STEM learning in local schools.

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