Mobil boosts its capacity to meet Australia’s growing demand for transportation fuels

MELBOURNE – ExxonMobil Australia subsidiary, Mobil Oil Australia (Mobil), today announced the completion of two major projects that will increase its capacity to meet Australia’s growing demand for transportation fuels.


Mobil boosts its capacity to meet Australia’s growing demand for transportation fuels
  • Mobil completes two major fuel supply projects to help meet growing fuels demand
  • Two new tanks increase storage capacity for unleaded petrol and jet fuel
  • New pipeline connects Yarraville Terminal to the existing Somerton Jet Fuel Pipeline

Mobil announced the successful completion of a new jet fuel pipeline and two new storage tanks at at an event held today at its Yarraville Terminal in Melbourne’s west.

The two major fuel supply projects, which commenced construction in 2016, represent part of a $400 million investment Mobil has made to improve the Yarraville Terminal and Altona Refinery over the past five years.

The two newly constructed tanks store unleaded petrol and jet fuel at Yarraville Terminal, Melbourne’s largest fuel storage and distribution terminal, and primarily support Mobil’s fuel shipping activities via the adjacent Holden dock.

The new 3km pipeline provides a direct connection from Mobil’s Yarraville Terminal to the Somerton Pipeline.

As demand for jet fuel at Melbourne Airport continues to grow as both domestic and international travel increases, this pipeline will allow Mobil to enhance delivery of jet fuel to Melbourne Airport. 

Riccardo Cavallo, Mobil’s Manager of Refining for Australia and New Zealand, said Mobil was committed to investing in projects that maintain the company’s role as a major fuel supplier for Victoria.

“Mobil has invested about $400 million during the last five years to maintain and improve our local operations, and we remain a reliable producer and supplier of high-quality petroleum fuels to Victoria,” said Cavallo.

“The expanded storage capacity at the Yarraville Terminal and the new pipeline will improve the flexibility of our refining and supply operations and will enhance Mobil’s ability to supply high-quality jet fuel and unleaded petrol to its customers in Australia.”

Yarraville Terminal receives both locally-refined and imported fuels and is Mobil’s primary distribution terminal in Melbourne for the supply of petrol, diesel and jet fuel throughout Victoria. 


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Photo — Pictured with new tanks are Andrew McCormack, Yarraville Terminal Manager, Riccardo Cavallo, Director Mobil Oil Australia, Paul Murfitt, Executive Director Energy Sector Reform, DELWP and Don Hough, Director Pipeline Regulation, DELWP.