Education programs

ExxonMobil knows only too well the importance of inspiring future generations to think about maths and science as a career pathway.

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Education programs

Programs overview


Scienceworks (Museum Victoria) is the most visited interactive science centre in Australia (500,000 people each year). Since 1987, ExxonMobil has supported a range of Museum Victoria cultural and education projects. The most recent initiative helped Scienceworks to develop a facility tailored for schools and family activities, including science experiments and demonstrations.

University awards

ExxonMobil supports a range of student engineering excellence awards at Australian universities in Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia.

WA Science Awards

The WA Science Awards honour the outstanding achievements of the science and innovation community. The annual event acknowledges scientists, science communicators and science teachers. ExxonMobil supports the 'Student Scientist of the Year' award which is given to a graduate student who has demonstrated a commitment to science at an early stage in their career and who shows great promise in reaching the highest levels of excellence.

Bright Future Grants

Since 2009, ExxonMobil Australia, through our subsidiaries, Mobil and Esso, has been working to inspire a new generation of engineers and scientists through our Bright Future Grants program.

Scientists and engineers are critical for addressing the challenges of 21st century life. That is why we invest in education programs that focus on inspiring kids to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

From medicine to energy development to computing and engineering, we are supporting the development of a passionate and highly skilled workforce that will help solve problems and create new opportunities into the future. Each year, kindergartens, primary and secondary schools close to our Altona Refinery, Yarraville Terminal, Birkenhead Terminal, Longford Plants and Long Island Point Plant are invited to apply for a Bright Future Grant to support maths or science projects.

The grants support a broad range of maths and science resources and projects, from the purchase of new technology such as iPads, smartboard software and robotics kits, to funding outdoor programs to teach students about sustainability, such as a seagrass study at Jawbone Marine Sanctuary and a local tree planting project.


Recognising the importance of education

At ExxonMobil Australia, we know only too well the importance of inspiring future generations to think about maths and science as a career pathway. That’s why our community contributions program has a strong focus on education.

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