Our marine environment

Video: Planning for the eventual decommissioning of our Bass Strait infrastructure by studying our marine environments
In this short video, Decommissioning Supervisor, Farrah Tan, talks about some of the work we’re doing to assess the marine environment around our offshore platforms and pipelines. These important investigations will help us to determine the best way to decommission these facilities, whether that means complete removal or leaving some, or all, of the complex marine eco-systems that have developed around our structures in place. 

ExxonMobil Australia is committed to decommissioning our Bass Strait offshore facilities at the right time, and in the right way. As Farrah discusses, we are in the early stages of planning for the eventual decommissioning of our infrastructure in Bass Strait, which is a complex undertaking, considering the size and integration of our facilities.

We continue to invest significantly to ensure our non-operating facilities and their surrounding environments remain in a safe state until their eventual decommissioning. At the same time, we are investing significantly in planning our decommissioning program so that it minimises impacts to the marine environment, while meeting the expectations of regulators, stakeholders and the community.