Propelling to greater heights through ExxonMobil Australia's internship program

Lucy Levecke, Environmental & Regulatory Advisor, recounts how she discovered her potential as an engineer through her internship with ExxonMobil. 

As a teenager, Lucy’s love for chemistry and problem-solving sparked her ambition to pursue a career in engineering. After attaining a double degree in Chemical Engineering and Pharmaceutical Science from Monash University, she chanced upon the opportunity for an internship with ExxonMobil through her university and applied for it.

“I remember feeling ecstatic when I received the offer letter for my internship. It was an easy yes for me as I had heard so much about ExxonMobil’s positive work environment and the career development opportunities available. My parents told me if I was offered a position after, that I should accept it as I would have a bright career ahead working for such a renowned organisation, and they were right.”

Fast forward three years later, Lucy is now an Environmental & Regulatory Advisor, developing regulatory plans for ExxonMobil Australia’s South East Australia Carbon Capture Hub, a project that will potentially help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from multiple industries in the Gippsland Basin through carbon capture and storage.

“Being placed to work on a project that aims to decarbonise and support Australia’s ambition for a net-zero future is something that I’m proud of. I also get to work with a diverse range of stakeholders - from engaging with regulators, coordinating environmental studies to support submissions, and developing plans for consultation – there is never a dull moment and I enjoy every bit of it!”

Prior to her current role, Lucy provided environmental and regulatory support for ExxonMobil’s offshore facilities. She contributed to the development and acceptance of the Bass Strait Environmental Plan and later shifted her focus on the implementation of the plan which included internal audits, regulatory inspections, environmental sampling programs, regulatory reporting, and environmental risk assessments.

Lucy also had the opportunity to participate in Exercise Zephyr last year, a multi-jurisdictional oil spill response exercise in Western Australia involving Commonwealth, State Governments and the oil and gas industry where she learnt the criticality of successful preparedness in large-scale response efforts.

“It’s been an incredible journey since the time I started as an intern right up until now. My time as an intern allowed me to make connections and understand the basics of the business and it’s where I discovered my potential as an engineer. The opportunity to contribute to a real project during my internship made me feel valued and whilst it was challenging, I had plenty of support from my mentors who have geared me towards succeeding in my career.”

Outside of work, Lucy appreciates being surrounded by nature and going for runs or walks with her partner. She also loves hunting for a bargain at the op-shop and cooking delicious plant-based meals, with her specialties being spiced cauliflower tacos and sesame-chilli ramen…yum!

With 10 new interns starting this February at ExxonMobil, Lucy’s advice to them is to ask as many questions as they can and not be afraid to ask for help when they need it.

“The organisation is filled with plenty of passionate people who have a detailed understanding of their discipline, so learn and take in as much as you can from them,” she advises.