Wagging tails and belly rubs in the office?  Meet Trisha the Seeing Eye Dog puppy in training!

Facilities Engineer Gavin Foo introduces us to one of the more unique members of the Decommissioning Team

If you have visited the Decommissioning Team lately you might have noticed one of their team members looks a little different to the others.  Facilities Engineer, Gavin Foo became a puppy carer nearly 6 months ago and since then Trisha the Seeing Eye Dog puppy in training is a regular visitor to our Docklands office.

“I think everyone probably thought it was a little strange to have a puppy in the workplace at first. But everyone has been very supportive.  Trisha is 9 months old now and super energetic – she loves meeting everyone, and especially loves belly rubs,” said Gavin.

Gavin has made some adjustments to his daily office routine to accommodate Trisha’s needs and his lunch times are now reserved for going on a walk.  He also plans ahead for meetings to allow time for Trisha to settle.

“I wanted to help people with visual impairments gain independence and the company has been fantastic in supporting me with this opportunity,” Gavin continued.

Gavin has found it rewarding to watch Trisha grow, both physically and in maturity.  He loves being able to hang out with his best friend every day and it seems he is not alone.

“Having Trisha in the office has been a welcome source of comic and stress relief. Whenever deadlines are looming, Trisha’s puppy habits always put a smile on our faces. From rolling around on her back looking for pats, to throwing her toys around, or even just snoozing the day away, having Trisha around has made the office an enjoyable place to be.” said Gavin’s supervisor, Shahiru Fernando.

If you are interested in learning more about the Seeing Eye Dog Puppy Carer program, please visit their website.  You can also have a chat with Gavin to learn more about his personal experience.