Fuelling the future at the Brisbane Truck Show

Promoting the benefits of Mobil Diesel Efficient and Mobil card to valued members of the commercial transport community

The Australian fuels team once again participated in the Brisbane Truck show, using the opportunity to promote the expanding Mobil network, as well as the benefits of Mobil Diesel Efficient and Mobil card to a key customer community.

The show, which is recognised as one of the world’s leading industry business events, is the largest truck and transport event in Australia, held every two years ever since it began running over fifty years ago.

Held over four days during Australian Heavy Vehicle Industry Week, the show provides attendees from the Australian trucking community with the latest information on safety, sustainability, innovation and careers in the industry. Exhibitors must be a manufacturer or distributor/supplier of new vehicles, components, equipment and technology or provide services or products directly relevant to the transport industry.

Mobil’s Australian Sales Manager, Andrew McNaught said it was great to see a return to a bigger and brighter truck show this year.

“Two years ago, a few original equipment manufacturers were not present due to Covid-19, but it was wonderful to see that all were present this year, along with Australia’s major fuel suppliers,” said Andrew.

“There was also a larger focus on sustainability with lots of future products being promoted.”

Our Mobil team was excited to talk to customers about our renewable diesel offering and our ‘Mobility Reimagined’ focus.

“Our new focus seeks to reduce emissions in the automotive, trucking, aviation and shipping sectors today and into the future, to ensure that Mobil can fuel these industries efficiently and safely.”

The event also provided an opportunity to engage new customers.

“I am very proud of the Mobil team who signed up 60 new Mobil Card customers through our Sign up and Pump up promotion which gave customers a chance to win a beverage fridge at the event,” said Andrew.