Mobil successfully delivers the largest ever fuel cargo to Marsden Point terminal

Mobil’s use of Long Range 2 vessels supports our reliable supply of fuel to Aotearoa New Zealand.
Image The STI Gauntlet at Marsden Point dock.
The STI Gauntlet at Marsden Point dock.

Mobil has successfully delivered the largest ever fuel cargo to Aotearoa New Zealand when the Long Range (2) ship the STI Gauntlet, arrived at the Marsden Point terminal recently.

Mobil is a major supplier of quality fuels to New Zealand, supplying around 170 Mobil-branded service stations across Aotearoa, as well as a number of other fuel retailers and commercial customers.

“Since the conversion of Marsden Point Oil Refinery to an import terminal in April 2022, Mobil has been focused on ensuring the most efficient use of the terminal’s port and storage capacity to maintain our reliable supply of fuels Kiwis rely on,” said Wayne Ellary, Chair Mobil Oil New Zealand.

The STI Gauntlet carried a massive 113 million litres of refined fuels, which is the largest refined fuel cargo ever delivered into Marsden Point. It is also the first time all four product grades have been brought in on a single vessel (jet fuel, diesel, unleaded fuel and premium unleaded fuel).

“Larger cargoes, like those we delivered on the STI Gauntlet, have been enabled by Mobil’s investment in additional storage at the Marsden Point terminal,” said Wayne.

“This additional storage is also an important step in further enhancing New Zealand’s supply security.”

The use of LR2s will become more frequent as it helps to improve the efficiency of Mobil’s supply operations and reduce costs.

“Congratulations to the Asia Pacific Supply and Operations team and the Singapore Site Optimization and Coordination team for ensuring the safe, efficient and reliable operation of the STI Gauntlet from loading in Singapore to delivery at Marsden Point,” said Wayne.

“Mobil is best placed to receive reliable LR2 deliveries into New Zealand due to supply from our integrated world class Singapore refinery complex which enables the team to load large cargoes of different products onto vessels,” said New Zealand Supply Logistics Coordinator, Naweed Ibram.

 “This was a stellar effort by the teams involved, as we continue to look for opportunities to bring in LR2s and maintain our reliable supply of fuels to our Kiwi customers.”