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Protect Tomorrow. Today.

Ten years ago, the report introduced Protect Tomorrow. Today., a set of expectations that serves as the foundation for our environmental performance.

Biodiversity and ecosystem services

Biodiversity and ecosystem services – the direct and indirect benefits people obtain from the environment, such as food, water, shelter, clean air and cultural identity – are important for society, and we work to protect them wherever we operate.

Water management

Water and energy are interrelated, and both are critical for society, economic development and the environment. ExxonMobil manages water resources with care, using the same systems, processes and policies that govern our overall approach to environmental management.

Spill performance

We are focused on implementing preventive measures to avoid spill incidents and, if a spill does occur, ensuring a rapid, comprehensive response.

Rehabilitating the environment

As part of our life cycle approach to protecting the environment, we continue to enhance the rehabilitation of our no-longer-needed properties so they can have a beneficial next use.

Emissions reductions

All our plants have programs aimed at minimising energy consumption and flaring which directly reduces greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Environmental management

Globally, our projects are carried out in a diverse range of settings that have varying environmental, social and health risks, which we systematically identify, assess, manage and monitor throughout the life cycle of our work.