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Incorporating stakeholder feedback

We spoke with a variety of stakeholders – including representatives from NGOs, academia, investors, industry experts and employees – about our 2013 Corporate Citizenship Report. We have identified several recurring comments from stakeholders and show where we have incorporated changes within this report.

Show more data and use consistent time periods for trends.
Where possible, we have included 10 years of data in this report as compared with four in past reports, and we have used the same reference year for trends wherever possible.

Tell more human impact stories.
Two of our case studies this year focus on human impact: impacts on residents in Papua New Guinea and impacts on employees and community members in areas affected by malaria and Ebola around the world. We also include additional human impact stories in Up Close articles throughout the report.

Quantify impacts of community investment programs.
Our community and social impact chapter includes more quantifiable impacts of our three signature programs. Many of our global stories also include quantifiable impacts of community investments.

Talk more transparently about challenges.
We have included a Q&A with Ken Cohen, vice president of public and government affairs, in which he discusses the key sustainability challenges the company is facing on topics that interest our stakeholders.