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Engaging with our stakeholders

For a company of our size, building and maintaining relationships with a diverse group ofstakeholders are both priorities and ongoing challenges.

Many people, organizations and communities are impacted directly by, and have a direct impact on, our business. Energy issues are complex, and our stakeholders represent multiple viewpoints. The discussions we undertake with our stakeholders help us understand a variety of perspectives. Regular stakeholder engagement helps us continue to improve our company and remain a responsible corporate citizen.

We engage our stakeholders using a variety of mechanisms, including community meetings, the Internet and social media, corporate publications, and one-on-one and group discussions, among others. We include examples of stakeholder engagement throughout this report. Our stakeholders, and topics in which each is interested, include:


  • Benefits; diversity; development opportunities; safety, health and wellness


  • Product sustainability; supply chain management; greenhouse gas emissions


  • Expanding local supply network; supplier diversity


  • Community development; human rights; economic development; grievances

Nongovernmental organizations

  • Biodiversity; climate change; human rights


  • Taxes; local supplier development; job creation; impact assessments; ethics; education; governance practices


  • Governance practices; board composition; policy engagement; sustainability

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