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ExxonMobil Australia and Conservation Volunteers partner on the Victorian Wetland Care Program

ExxonMobil Australia is proud to be involved in the launch of an exciting new environmental project in partnership with Conservation Volunteers Australia. 

The Victorian Wetland Care program aims to provide habitat for animals and plants within wetland sites of international significance in Gippsland and within the Hobson Bay City Council.  This is being achieved through on-ground actions and community education programs.

The program will focus on two RAMSAR listed wetlands. The Sale Common Nature Conservation Reserve is managed by Parks Victoria and covers more than 300 hectares. The majority of the Reserve consists of freshwater marsh, along with River Red Gum woodlands. The Paisley Challis Wetlands are located in the Hobson By area of Western Melbourne.  The wetlands contain native grasslands which provide habitat for the endangered Altona Skipper Butterfly, along with more than 200 species of birds. 

The Victorian Wetland Care program also comprises an education component, with a teacher resource and a study pack which highlights the diversity in Victorian wetlands, assisting Year 4 students to learn about ecosystems and the interrelations of plants and animals. Conservation Volunteers Australia will also undertake school visits and provide information packs with a bird species “treasure hunt” for students to use during nature walks in their local wetlands.

Rob Mackie, our Operations Superintendent from Longford Plants recently attended the program launch in Sale, together with the Mayor of Wellington Shire Council as well as Conservation Volunteers and Parks Victoria representatives. 

“The Sale Common Wetlands are a beautiful area within the Gippsland region and supporting projects such as these reinforces our commitment to the communities within which we operate, and where many of our employees live,” said Rob.

Interested community members will also be able to get involved in helping Conservation Volunteers Australia with the program with on-site activities planned for May and June 2016, which will be advertised in the local paper.

The Victorian Wetland Care Program is a partnership with Conservation Volunteers Australia and in consultation with Parks Victoria and Hobson’s Bay City Council, funded by ExxonMobil Australia.

More information on the Victorian Wetland Care Program can be found online at

CVA Gippsland Program Launch April 2016