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Emergency preparedness a key focus for Longford Gas Conditioning Plant

As construction of the Longford Gas Conditioning Plant (GCP) progresses and we advance start up planning, the GCP project team has been focusing on emergency response preparedness activities with our employees and key external stakeholders.

In late May, representatives from the Country Fire Authority, Victoria Police and the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources (Emergency Management Division) toured the GCP site to discuss emergency response planning for the new plant.

The visit was a success with positive acknowledgement from all attendees about the project’s emergency response planning.

Attendees toured the GCP site, focusing on the emergency response features of the GCP and interaction with existing emergency systems and processes for Longford Plants. As part of the tour, key design features of the GCP were discussed which have been put in place to reduce health and safety risk and effectively deal with an emergency.

In early July, Esso Australia’s Fire and Rescue teams also participated in an emergency response exercise on the GCP site.

While ensuring the safe operation of the GCP and Longford Plants is fundamental, Sean Hine, Emergency Preparedness and Response Advisor for Esso Australia, reflected on the importance of being prepared to manage an emergency effectively.

“Site visits are a key vehicle to help local emergency services increase their familiarity with our sites, equipment and processes, which will be vital in the remote chance they are required to assist in an emergency”, said Sean. 

“Participating in simulated exercises also allows us to test our procedures and identify any learnings which helps us to be well prepared in the event of an emergency.  This is key to be able to minimise the impact of a real emergency on our people, the community and our environment” he added.

Emergency Response training 2016
Photo — Longford Fire and Rescue Team mobilise onto the Gas Conditioning Plant site during the recent emergency response exercise.