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Loch Sport Primary engages the local community with science 

On 17 November, Loch Sport Primary School invited families and members of the wider Loch Sport community to join them for a morning of science activities. The focus of the morning was helping students to develop an understanding of the science of energy, with activities based around electricity, solar power and other related areas. 

Students learned how to use various pieces of equipment and demonstrated their learnings to their guests which included parents, grandparents, playgroup families and other community members.

“The Community Science event was really well received by everyone” said Sharon Ray, a teacher at Loch Sport Primary and organiser of the event. “The electrical circuit kits were a real hit with the adults in particular, some who had never built a circuit before themselves, while the kids kept going back to the magnet set to see how they could manipulate various metal objects using magnetic force.”

With around 40 attendees young and old, the event not only helped the students but also other members of the community to learn about the science of energy.

With the help of Esso and BHP Billiton the school will be establishing a set of resources to support science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) teaching across all year levels with the aim to develop engineering and coding skills for students.

Loch Sport Primary students

Students work together to investigate how liquids of different density separate when mixed. Adding salt creates a 'lava lamp' effect