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Altona Refinery celebrates seven safe years

In July 2016, the Mobil Altona Refinery team reached the significant milestone of seven years without a lost-time injury.

An increased focus on safety, strong commitment from employees, new training programs and other initiatives have helped the refinery to build a culture where every employee is committed to keeping themselves, and their workmates, safe.

David Monk, Altona Refinery Reliability Improvement Team Leader, was involved in the investigation following the last lost-time injury at Altona Refinery on 14 July 2009, a date he remembers vividly.

“It was a sad day for those of us here at the refinery because one of our team mates went home in a different condition to when he arrived at work,” said David at a recent celebration of the seven year safety milestone.

“In the seven years since that injury, the refinery has increased its focus on ensuring safe operations and building a strong safety culture across the site.

“But it’s up to every one of us working here at the refinery to keep up that focus and commitment, to keep on looking out for each other. Only then will we be able to sustain the outstanding safety performance that we have managed to achieve.”

Altona Refinery employees
Photo — David Monk (second from left) pictured here with some of his current team mates at the Altona Refinery seven year safety milestone celebration, vividly recalls the investigation into the last lost-time injury and is committed to keeping his refinery team members, and himself, safe.

Altona Refinery Manager, Andrew Warrell said the Altona Refinery team should be proud of their standing as one of the safest ExxonMobil refineries around the world.

“While Altona is a relatively small refinery and we are competing against new mega-refineries across the region, we are proud to be a world leader in safety, efficiency and reliability,” said Andrew. 

“Our continued focus on achieving world class safety, along with increasing productivity and improving reliability, further secures Mobil Altona Refinery’s position as a major supplier of fuel to Victoria.”

Andrew Warrell and refinery employees
Photo — Altona Refinery Manager, Andrew Warrell (far left) with some of the Altona Refinery team at the celebration lunch to mark seven years with no lost time injuries on site.