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Contractor Awards support Altona Refinery’s strong safety culture 

At our recent Contractor Safety Awards, Mobil acknowledged the important role of contractors in helping to achieve Altona Refinery’s a top-class safety culture, which has seen the site recently reach the milestone of seven years without a serious injury.

A significant portion of Altona Refinery’s total workforce is made up of contractors who support the refinery’s main operations by providing a wide variety of services from maintenance and industrial cleaning to managing waste and project engineering services and everything in-between.

Depending on the types of maintenance and other activities happening at any one time, the contractor workforce can increase dramatically. For example, up to 500 additional contractors can be working at Altona Refinery during major maintenance activities, compared to a total contractor workforce of around 150 people during normal operations. 

Refinery Manager Andrew Warrell said, “Given the significant proportion of contactors working at the Altona Refinery at any one time, it’s vital that we all remain focused on the same goal – keeping each other safe and making Altona Refinery a workplace where nobody gets hurt.

“These annual awards provide us with an opportunity to recognise and talk about the strongest safety achievements of our contractor workforce, as well as share best practices and strong safety-leadership behaviours that we can all take back to our own jobs at the refinery.”

This year, Safety Commitment Awards were presented to Total Lubrication Reliability Services, Bureau Veritas and Veolia with each company achieving excellent safety performance and no safety incidents over the last 12 months.  The General Manager’s Safety Award went to ATMECO, in recognition of their continuous improvement in service delivery and safe work practices.

The Contractor Safety Awards were presented at Altona Refinery’s Annual Contractor Forum, and is just one of the ways Mobil works to ensure everyone working at Altona Refinery makes safety the number one focus.

ATMECO award
Photo — ATMECO received the Altona Refinery General Manager's Safety Award for their continuous improvement in service delivery and safe work practices.

bureau veritas award
Photo — The top safety performance of Bureau Veritas was also recognised at the annual Contractor Safety Awards.

total lubrication reliability award
Photo — Total Lubrication Reliability Services received a Safety Commitment Award.

veolia award
Photo — Veolia were recognised for their safety performance.