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Melbourne University students experience what it could be like to be an engineer working at Altona Refinery

Mobil has a long history of supporting the maths and science education. Since its inception, our Bright Future Grants program has provided over$500,000 to local schools and kindergartens for maths and science resources and programs.

Building upon funding provided via the Bright Future Grants, Altona Refinery has formed a successful partnership with local schools and universities though the Young Ambassadors for Industry Program.

The Young Ambassadors for Industry program is designed to support the vocational education of students by directly linking them with local industry icon, the Altona Refinery.

This year, refinery employees have visited local primary schools to help students understand the science involved in running Altona Refinery, as well as visiting local kinders to see how they are using their Bright Future Grants to support maths and science education.

Most recently, Altona Refinery hosted a group of 40 students with an interest in engineering who are currently completing a Bachelor of Science at Melbourne University.

The group got to hear first-hand how pursuing studies in science and maths can lead to rewarding and challenging careers, as well as learn about the important role engineers have in managing and improving Altona Refinery’s operations.

“Scientists and engineers are critical for addressing the challenges of 21st century life. That’s why we invest in education programs that focus on inspiring kids to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics,” said Andrew Warrell, Altona Refinery Manager.

“Our Bright Future Grants and the Young Ambassadors for Industry Program are designed to support the development of a passionate and highly skilled workforce that will help solve problems and create new opportunities into the future.”

Melbourne university engineering students at altona refinery
Photo — Around 40 future engineers currently completing second year studies at Melbourne University recently visited Altona Refinery.