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Mobil employees get busy volunteering at Paisley Challis Wetlands

Recently, a group of 16 employees from Mobil Altona Refinery spent a day carrying out some important work to assist Friends of Williamstown Wetlands and Hobsons Bay City Council improve the Paisley Challis Wetlands in Williamstown.

The day was arranged in conjunction with Hobsons Bay City Council, as part of Mobil’s Day of Caring volunteering initiative, where employees are encouraged to spend a day completing volunteer activities in the local community.

Paisley Challis Wetlands in Williamstown is one of the five significant sites in Hobsons Bay that provide important habitat for a large number of resident and migratory shorebirds.

Shorebirds are sensitive indicators of change in their environment and can provide early warnings of environmental problems including those caused by climate change and deteriorating habitat quality. Threats to shorebirds and their habitat in Hobsons Bay include: loss of coastal and inland wetlands, invasive weeds, introduced predators, human-related disturbance and climate change.

During the day, Mobil employees planted over 600 new plants and shrubs in the wetlands to help prevent weed growth, as well as clearing some saltbush that was growing in an undesirable area.

Mobil is committed to supporting the work being done in our local community to help maintain and improve environmental areas of significance. The work completed at Paisley Challis Wetlands complements our support of Conservation Volunteers Victoria who are coordinating a series of volunteering days in conjunction with Friends of Williamstown Wetlands. For more information, visit the Conservation Volunteers Victoria website.

altona refinery employees volunteering at paisley challis wetlands
Photo — Mobil employees spent the day working to improve Paisley Challis Wetlands as part of our Day of Caring volunteering program.