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Penguins spotted in Altona and Newport classrooms

Rangers from the Phillip Island Nature Parks Education Team were delighted to share their Chirpy Chicks penguin program with more than 500 students in Altona and Newport thanks to support from ExxonMobil Australia.

This innovative and immersive school incursion program takes students on a journey through the life of a Little Penguin.

Kim Dunstan, Education Coordinator with Phillip Island Nature Parks said, “We were thrilled when ExxonMobil’s continued funding support was announced late last year, knowing that this would allow us to reach out to a whole range of urban schools we might not normally reach.

"Thanks to this, we were this year able to engage with students in schools throughout Altona and Newport including Seaholme Primary, Bayside P-12 College, Newport Lakes Primary and Altona North Primary.” 

The Chirpy Chicks incursion program immerses students in storytelling through the latest Nature Parks’ book entitled ‘What animal am I?’. Students also take on the role of research assistant as they weigh, measure and scan penguin plush toys, as well as handle taxidermy penguins. 

“One of the students’ favourite activities is dressing up in a penguin suit, discovering some of the features and adaptations of a Little Penguin. Along the way they discover the many threats facing Little Penguins, encouraging them to feel empowered to take action to help protect our marine environment, which is one of the most gratifying outcomes of this program,” Kim concluded.

Phillip Island Nature Parks penguin incursion
Photo — Phillip Island Nature Parks rangers were thrilled to run the Chirpy Chicks program in Altona and Newport schools.