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Health and wellness

ExxonMobil cares about the health and well-being of our employees and their families.

We offer a variety of programs ranging from infectious disease prevention to help with living a healthier life. Being a global company, an ongoing challenge is the range of health concerns prevalent in the different locations in which we work. Some locations expose our workforce and their families to a higher risk of infectious disease, so we have established a structured program for infectious disease control to monitor and address related issues. As part of this program, we developed a multiyear plan that focuses on implementing programs in locations with a significant threat of malaria and other vector-borne diseases, infectious outbreaks, tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS. For more information about how we work to keep our employees and communities safe from these infectious diseases, see our case study, Combating infectious diseases, both inside and beyond our fence line.

Our workplace HIV/AIDS program in Africa, StopAIDS, combines educational programs with access to community-based care and treatment for those affected by HIV. ExxonMobil does not test for HIV, nor is HIV status a factor in determining an employee’s ability to work. However, ExxonMobil encourages voluntary counseling and testing conducted by community partners.

ExxonMobil also invests in preventive health care to reduce health care costs by providing resources to better manage chronic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, respiratory ailments and depression. ExxonMobil’s Culture of Health is our U.S.-based preventive health and wellness program.

Outside the United States, we are piloting culturally relevant programs within the context of different health care systems, health needs and available resources in the countries where we have offices and operations. Currently, our pilot programs are in Argentina, Malaysia, Nigeria and the United Kingdom.

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