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The strength of our global organization allows us to explore for and develop all resource types across the globe, using industry-leading technology and capabilities.

Our understanding of the global hydrocarbon endowment along with our unique geoscience capabilities allows us to identify and prioritize the development of the highest quality resources.  With our experience and applied technology, we can develop more oil and gas reserves at both new and mature fields. Advances in seismic imaging, reservoir simulation, drilling and facility design allow us to reach deposits that were previously unidentified or unreachable.

Major projects are increasingly becoming more capital intensive with greater operating complexity, which places a premium on execution excellence. ExxonMobil’s long history of a disciplined approach to investment, technological leadership and operational excellence positions us well to lead the industry in developing the most challenging projects. These projects include a diverse portfolio of opportunities such as unconventional oil and gas, liquefied natural gas (LNG), heavy oil and deepwater projects.

While ExxonMobil strives to provide the energy to meet the world’s increasing demand, we maintain a relentless focus on safe operations. Safety is and always will be our number one priority.