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Altona refinery

Altona Refinery

Located 13 kilometres west of Melbourne, Mobil Altona Refinery has been fuelling Victoria since 1949.

Offshore platform

Bass Strait

To date, more than four billion barrels of crude oil and around eight trillion cubic feet of gas have been produced. And our future remains bright - with Bass Strait continuing to supply vital energy to Australians for more decades to come.

backfilling around pipeline

Esso pipeline replacement project

Esso Australia is replacing a 187 kilometre pipeline which transports crude oil and condensate between its facilities at Longford and Long Island Point. Construction commenced in January 2016 and will occur over a two year period. Esso has awarded the contract to construct the replacement pipeline to Nacap Australia (a Quanta Services company).

Fuel Terminals

Fuel terminals

ExxonMobil operates fuel distribution terminals in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide and has access to fuel terminals in other locations to support our reliable supply of high-quality Mobil fuel in every state of Australia.


Longford Plants

Longford, with its three gas plants and one crude oil stabilisation plant, is one of the most important industrial facilities in Australia.

Long Island Point plant

Long Island Point

Opened in 1970, the Long Island Point plant, situated near Hastings, 75 kilometres south-east of Melbourne, plays a vital role in the Bass Strait production line.