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Emergency preparedness and response

The ability to respond to emergencies promptly is a critical aspect of our business. Effective emergency preparedness and response depends on competent response teams.

To develop and practice emergency response strategies and complement on-site responders, we establish strategic Emergency Support Groups (ESGs) around the world, consisting of a wide range of ExxonMobil employees. We routinely train ESG members on a range of possible scenarios, including simulated spills, fires, explosions, natural disasters and security incidents. In 2014, nearly 500 employees participated in more than 40 ESG training sessions.

Our emergency preparedness and response model builds on a foundation of rapid and comprehensive response. Regardless of the size of an event, each ExxonMobil facility and business unit has access to a wide array of trained responders, including our Regional Response Teams (RRTs). Our three RRTs – North America; Europe, Africa and Middle East; and Asia Pacific – comprise approximately 500 ExxonMobil personnel trained on one consistent system with common roles and responsibilities. They provide rapid professional support when needed.