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Exxon Mobil Corporation is the parent company of the Esso, Mobil and ExxonMobil companies in Australia.


Local contacts

Head Office for the ExxonMobil companies in Australia is located at:

Level 9, 664 Collins Street
Docklands Vic 3008

Details of businesses in Australia

Esso Australia Pty Ltd
GPO Box 400
Melbourne VIC 3001
Tel +61 3 9261 0000

Mobil Oil Australia Pty Ltd 
GPO Box 4507
Melbourne VIC 3001
Tel +61 3 9261 0000

Natural Gas Marketing

Tel +61 3 9261 0000 or email

Lubricants & Specialties Technical Assistance

Western & South Australia

Distributor: Statewide Oil
Technical Help Line: +61 8 9350 6777 or email

Queensland & Northern Territories

Distributor: East Coast Lubes
Technical Help Line: +61 1300 466 245 or email

New South Wales, Victoria & Tasmania

Distributor: Southern Cross Lubes
Technical Help Line : +61 1300 466 245 or email

ExxonMobil Aviation

Tel: +61 3 9261 0000

Industrial & Wholesale Fuels

Tel: +61 3 9261 0000

Service Station location

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Tel: +61 1800 105 961
Customer service enquiries

Whisteblowers Protection Policy

ExxonMobil Australia is committed to fostering the highest possible standards of ethical conduct within the Company and its related bodies corporate. In line with this, we have developed the Whistleblowers Protection Policy to ensure that individuals who report misconduct or disclose any improper state of affairs or circumstances can do so safely, securely and with confidence that they will be protected and supported.
A copy of the policy is available for download.

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The ExxonMobil Australia group has been operating in Australia since 1895.

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