Volunteer Involvement Program grants highlight the volunteering efforts of our people

At ExxonMobil Australia, we are focused on meeting Australia’s energy needs from operations that are embedded in some very diverse and unique communities. From Melbourne’s bustling inner-west, to the charming fields of Gippsland, we rely on support from, and must earn the respect of, our local communities and neighbours.

As such, a robust and authentic community engagement focus in everything we do is integral to the success of our operations, as part of our social license to operate, wherever we do business.

Recognising and encouraging the contribution of our employees who volunteer in their own communities, through our Volunteer Involvement Program (VIP) grants, helps us build a culture where community engagement is valued.

Through the annual VIP grants, all ExxonMobil employees in Australia have the opportunity to nominate the community groups with which they volunteer to receive a $1,000 grant. 

“Our employees choose to volunteer in their own time, on top of their busy workloads, family priorities and their other competing commitments,” said Australia Lead Country Manager Nathan Fay.

“In 2019, our employees achieved a total of $88,000. This was paid to 88 community groups where our employees volunteer, in recognition of their volunteering efforts.”

Since the program’s inception in 2002, ExxonMobil Australia has provided close to $2 million in VIP grants to various community groups.

ExxonMobil Australia supports employee volunteering throughout a variety of programs including the VIP grants, along with group volunteering activities and volunteer leave.