ExxonMobil Australia working to keep gas and fuel flowing to Australians

ExxonMobil Australia is actively responding to the growing COVID-19 pandemic to ensure the continued supply of essential energy products from its Australian facilities.

“While COVID-19 presents many challenges for our operations, we are confident that we have the right controls and processes in place to protect our people and maintain our supply of the energy that Australians rely on,” said ExxonMobil Australian Chairman, Nathan Fay.

“Around 40% of the natural gas consumed across eastern Australia comes from our oil and gas production operations in Gippsland, while our Altona refinery in Melbourne’s West produces around half of Victoria’s refined fuel needs.”

To address the challenges that COVID-19 presents, ExxonMobil Australia is actively monitoring the pandemic and closely following government guidance, as well as continually reviewing and adjusting its own plans and operations.

“Protecting the health and safety of our workforce so that they can continue to keep our critical operations online is our priority,” said Fay.

“We are implementing many measures across all of our operations in an endeavor to make sure that our workplaces are some of the safest places for our people to be.”

The company has already taken steps to reduce workplace density across its Australian operations including the Gippsland Basin oil and gas production assets, the Altona refinery and its fuel terminal facilities around the country.

It is also making each of these sites safe by applying stringent cleaning and hygiene practices combined with mandatory thermal screening of every person that needs to enter. Other practices being adopted include the segregation of critical operating teams, working from home for some staff, and conducting electronic or open air meetings.

The company is also making its key offshore gas facilities ‘islands’ by establishing isolated logistics and staffing plans so that when a crew arrives, they are the only people they interact with for the full shift.

“We are also planning ahead for further changes that may be required should the situation escalate further,” said Fay.

“I would like to assure Australians that while the situation is rapidly changing, we are working relentlessly to ensure we can keep transport moving and gas flowing to homes and businesses during this incredibly challenging time.”