Loch Sport Primary School uses Bright Future Grant for STEM learning at home

This year, Esso Australia’s Bright Future Grants program has helped Loch Sport Primary School support at-home learning in response to COVID19.

Every year, a significant focus of our community contributions program is our Bright Future Grants initiative which supports maths and science education in schools close to our operations.

While schools normally appreciate the opportunity to enhance their science, technology, education and maths (STEM) programs with resources and materials supported by our Bright Future Grants, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought them new and more pressing challenges.

Loch Sport Primary School Principal, Damian Lappin, said that the school was focused on delivering an effective remote learning program that didn’t just rely on screen time and worksheets.

“We applied for a Bright Future Grant from Esso Australia so we could supply students with STEM packs they could use in their homes.

“The majority of our students are young and only learning to read, so activities involving making and manipulating maths equipment and games are essential for their learning.

“By supplying the STEM packs to students, our teachers could confidently plan lessons to be delivered remotely, knowing that each student would have the required equipment on hand. 

With students returning to school this month, the STEM kits are still proving to be useful inside the classroom.

Offshore Operations Superintendent, Simon Kemp, said it was very pleasing to see schools adapting their grant applications to improve the quality of remote learning while also enhancing STEM education.

“Through our Bright Future Grants, we hope to inspire younger generations to pursue careers in STEM,” said Simon. 

“From medicine to energy development to computing and engineering, we hope to support the development of a passionate and highly skilled workforce that will help solve problems and create new opportunities into the future.”
Image Students at Loch Sport Primary School love their new STEM resources funded by an Esso Bright Future Grant.

Students at Loch Sport Primary School love their new STEM resources funded by an Esso Bright Future Grant.