Long Island Point update June 2020

Update from David McCord, Long Island Point Manager
The Long Island Point team have certainly faced many unprecedented challenges as a result of COVID19.

As an essential services provider, we had to quickly adjust our plans and change our way of working to ensure our operations were not significantly disrupted by Australia’s COVID19 response.

I am really proud of the way everyone at Long Island Point worked together to keep each other safe and energy flowing to our customers throughout the pandemic.

I would also like to thank everyone working to keep our communities safe during this challenging time, especially essential service and health care workers. I was so pleased that we could make a small donation of safety glasses to the Frankston Hospital nursing team early on in the pandemic, when safety equipment supplies were in high-demand.

This year, many local schools took the opportunity to use our Bright Future Grants to support remote learning, purchasing equipment such as tablets, laptops and simple resources like books, for kids who don’t have access to these at home. Some schools even purchased equipment including headsets and webcams to help teachers conduct remote lessons.

At Phillip Island Nature Parks, the team used funding from Esso Australia to develop virtual resources, so students can learn all about the Little Penguin, whether in the classroom or in a remote learning environment.

You can read more about these initiatives at www.esso.com.au/communitynews.

To learn more about our Long Island Point operations, you can reach me at CommunityANZ@exxonmobil.com.