Sale Men's Shed ready to get back to business

Esso Australia is again supporting the important work of the Sale Men’s Shed
The Sale Men’s Shed is a not-for-profit community group that aims to support the health and well-being of its members, especially by encouraging social inclusion and preventing social isolation.

One of the ways that the shed achieves this is through engaging its members in activities and projects that support other community and not-for-profit organisations.

“We keep members of the shed connected to each other and their communities by helping out with projects such as sprucing up the Esso Longford Gas Plants bikes so that they can be shipped to Vanuatu, working on the Sale Community Gardens, helping the Salvation Army with their Christmas packages, and assisting the local scouts group to repair vandalised equipment,” said Sale Men’s Shed Member, John Duggan.

“These activities and projects provide our members with valuable opportunities to be active members of their community, helping to support their emotional and mental well-being.”

Like most people, many of the Sale Men’s Shed members have been very frustrated that their work on projects was interrupted by COVID19 restrictions.

“It is very unfortunate but COVID19 restrictions and other impacts have exacerbated feelings of boredom and depression for many of the group’s members,” said John.

“We are all looking forward to getting back to some sort of normal so that we can resume our activities and once again help to improve the lives of local community members and, importantly, our members.”

Over the years, Esso Australia has provided funding to upgrade equipment and machinery at the Sale Men’s Shed, helping to make it a safer place for its members to carry out their important work.

This year, Esso Australia is helping to make sure the Sale Men’s Shed can continue safely supporting its members by providing funding for the installation of an alarm system.

“The alarm system will help to keep our equipment and machinery, most of which has been donated or funded by community or corporate donors like Esso Australia, safe,” said John.
Image Members of the Sale Men's Shed are looking forward to getting back to business
Members of the Sale Men's Shed are looking forward to getting back to business