Australian Gender Diversity Strategy leads the way

Building a more diverse and equitable workplace

Our Australian affiliate recently approved a Gender Diversity Strategy aimed at building a diverse, high performing workforce in an inclusive work environment.

The Gender Diversity strategy complements our existing Inclusion and Diversity Strategy and aims to achieve greater gender diversity within our workforce.

The strategy’s development was led by ExxonMobil Australia’s Women in Engineering (WEN) Committee in conjunction with Human Resources and supported by Leadership. The ExxonMobil Australia team are determined to achieve real and measurable improvements in our workplace diversity, and this is a significant step towards ExxonMobil Australia meeting the Australian Workplace Gender Equality Agency’s (WGEA) Employer of Choice criteria.

“The business case for increased gender diversity has been widely researched and discussed via many external studies. For ExxonMobil Australia to compete and win in the marketplace, we need to address our current shortcomings in this space, and strive to improve them,” said Australia Lead Country Manager, Dylan Pugh.

“We are committed to building a diverse, high performing workforce in an inclusive work environment where individual differences are respected and valued, and where all team members are able to reach their full potential.

“This Gender Diversity strategy complements our Inclusion and Diversity Strategy and aims to achieve greater Gender Equity within our local workforce.

“An organisation that works to support women works to support everyone,” he said.

The strategy includes two overarching goals, with a number of actions to help us measure progress towards achieving each goal:

Goal 1: A respectful and inclusive workplace where people feel their contributions are valued.

Goal 2: Recruitment, development, advancement and retention of a diverse talent pool. Our vision is that our workforce and leadership represents the community and culture where we operate and have proportionate gender representation in our employee and leadership pipeline.

“I am so proud of the Australian WEN Committee for championing the development of our first Gender Diversity Strategy, and hope that this strategy has positive outcomes for our team, as we look to improve the gender diversity and equity of our workforce,” said Dylan.