#AusVaxChallenge 2.0 results are in!

As Victoria reaches its vaccination targets, our vaccination efforts are contributing to three deserving charities

ExxonMobil Australia workers have embraced the opportunity to give back to three amazing charities, whilst getting vaccinated and contributing to Victoria’s overall vaccination goal. 

Following the success of the first vaccination challenge, which saw employees who were vaccinated earlier in the year vote to contribute a portion of $10,000 in funding to their preferred charity, a second vaccination challenge was run to help Victoria achieve its vaccination targets.

This time around, $30,000 was available for three charities; Gippsland Emergency Relief Fund, Diverse Communities and Social Services Australia and headspace, and ExxonMobil employees had the opportunity to vote for the charity of their preference, once vaccinated.

With the most votes, the lion’s share of the funding went to headspace, followed by Gippsland Emergency Relief Fund and Diverse Communities & Social Services Australia.

The donations will be appreciated by each charity, as they use them to support key projects that will grow their reach and increase their impact. 

“Donations raised through the AusVaxChallenge will go towards supporting programs at headspace such as our migrant and refugee program, family and friend’s participation program, online communities program, and youth peer work program.” 

“Fundraising and donations help to pilot and scale programs to increase our service delivery, support family and friends and ensure that young people can access the right care when they need it and how they want it,” Sarah Keane, headspace Corporate Partnerships Manager said. 

“We’re really grateful to ExxonMobil Australia for such a generous contribution.”

Dylan Pugh, Chair of ExxonMobil Australia was excited to support three deserving charities while encouraging employees to help Victoria reach its vaccination targets.

“The #AusVaxChallenge2.0 was a great initiative that has allowed us to donate much-needed funds to three impressive charities, whilst encouraging everyone in our workforce, who possibly could, to get vaccinated and help Victoria and Australia reach our vaccination targets.”

“Hitting these targets has been imperative to us working towards a normal way of living whilst keeping each other safe. I’d like to extend my thanks to all ExxonMobil Australia workers who rolled up their sleeves,” he continued.