Former Chair Richard Owen receives Order of Australia medal

Recognition of our company’s contributions to Australia
Former ExxonMobil Australia Chair, Richard Owen, was honoured this Queen’s Birthday with an Order of Australia Medal for his service to business.

The honour recognises the importance of our industry and the significance of the investments in gas supplies that have contributed greatly to Australia’s energy landscape.

“During Richard’s time as Chair, we were presented with many opportunities to build on our long history as one of Australia’s major energy suppliers,” said Geoff Humphreys, Esso Australia Production Manager.

“Our team worked hard to complete a series of significant investments like the Kipper-Tuna-Turrum project and associated Gas Conditioning Plant at Longford.

“These investments mean that today, our Gippsland operations continue to provide around 40 per cent of the gas needed in South-Eastern Australia and have ultimately set us up to remain a major supplier of gas to Australia well into the future.”

While Richard was Chair, Esso Australia also donated 40 original artworks from the Esso Collection of Australian Art to the Gippsland Art Gallery in Sale. 

“Richard’s Order of Australia Medal recognises his contribution to Australia as a leader of our business. But it also recognises the contribution of everyone working at ExxonMobil Australia to provide the energy that Australians rely on every day,” said Geoff.