The benefits of Gippsland gas

Contributing to Australia’s energy security and supporting local jobs
Esso Australia’s reliable supply of natural gas to the Australian domestic market supports a range of local manufacturers and thousands of Australian jobs.

The majority of our natural gas is sold to large-scale energy retailers, who use the gas to power and warm up homes and businesses across the country.

We also provide gas directly to several local manufacturers, who count on us for an ongoing and reliable supply of gas to support their operations. Manufacturers like glass or paper producers, who supply essential, Australian-made products to Australian consumers.

Natural gas is also flexible. It can be stored and then quickly dispatched as needed to support gas fired electricity generation during peak demand periods or when intermittent renewable energy sources, like wind and solar, are not available.

Every day, the people of Esso Australia are working to provide Gippsland gas to the domestic market, helping to ensure Australians have access to a reliable supply of energy, where and when they need it - whether at home or at work, around the BBQ or the dinner table, or at the local indoor pool or catching up with friends on-line.