GP2 Shutdown Safety Incentive Program

Longford Gas Plant develop incentive program to give back to local community groups whilst shutting down Gas Plant 2 safely 

In an effort to ensure the shutdown and maintenance of Gas Plant 2 at Longford Gas Plant, was completed safely, Shutdown Coordinator Derek Phelps developed a unique incentive program to help encourage the entire workforce to keep safety front of mind at all times.

Before the project commenced, team members involved in the shutdown were asked to nominate local, not-for-profit organisations that support the community and from there six organisations were selected to participate in the program.

As each successful safe week passes, the team celebrate the milestone by awarding one of the selected community groups with a donation of goods they have requested.

“I’m pleased to say that so far over 43,000 hours have been executed without a first aid treatment,” said Derek Phelps, Shutdown Coordinator.

“We are continuing to focus heavily on safe work execution as we move toward the final stages of the shutdown, and we’re looking forward to supporting all of the chosen charities as we work through each successful week.”

“Earlier this month we hit the halfway mark, and to mark this tremendous achievement and reinforce the need to finish the shutdown safely and strongly in the next three weeks, a pizza lunch was held in celebration,” he continued.

“Representatives from two of the chosen charities, a Better Life for Kids and Defining Beauty Through Breast Cancer, also joined for the lunch, utilising the opportunity to talk us through what a difference our donation will make to their organisation.”

Site contractors including UGL, Oceaneering, and Wood are also participating in the program.

We wish the shutdown team all the best as they work towards completion over the next couple of weeks.

During the shutdown, the team are completing shutdown critical integrity work and equipment upgrades. These works are usually completed during the warmer months, to ensure we can maintain our reliable supply of essential Gippsland gas to our Australian customers during the winter peak. 

See a full list of selected not-for-profits and their requested donations below.

Week 1: Longford CFA – thermal imaging camera

Week 2: Quantum Services – 100X kids Christmas presents

Week 3: Seaspray Surf Life Saving Club – search lights and torches

Week 4: Defining Beauty Through Breast Cancer – 50X care packs

Week 5: Longford Kinder – play equipment

Week 6: Longford CFA – hose reel and cordless tools

Week 7: A Better Life for Foster Kids – 47X care packs

Week 8: Longford Kinder – egg incubator & Seaspray Surf Life Saving Club – binoculars

Week 9: Longford CFA – work lights and radios