Nick never stops learning

Supplying energy and supporting our way of life during a rewarding and challenging career

Pursuing a career in energy can offer unique insight into the economic, commercial, social and political elements of modern life. Whether working in engineering, business strategy, sales and marketing, project management or something in-between, a career at ExxonMobil Australia can provide opportunities to learn all facets of the energy supply chain.

According to Marketing and Negotiations Supervisor, Nick Burchell, the variety of knowledge and skills he has gained across his 16-year career is precisely what has made working at ExxonMobil Australia so rewarding.

“Without question, what I enjoy most is the way in which I am able to connect together and utilise the varied knowledge I have built up through a range of experiences across different areas of our business,” explains Nick.

“Since joining the company as a young engineer back in 2005, I’ve worked across various aspects of ExxonMobil’s energy supply chain including manufacturing, planning, retail and marketing.

“It is remarkable how all of these separate experiences contribute to my overall understanding of the Australian energy landscape, and how much of this knowledge and learning I call on every day in my current role.”

Before joining the ExxonMobil Australia Commercial Team, which negotiates sales agreements for the supply of Gippsland gas to Australian customers and other commercial agreements, Nick was the Technical Manager at Altona refinery.

“Following the conversion of Altona refinery to a fuel import terminal I appreciate the opportunity to now learn about yet another aspect of the ExxonMobil Australia energy business,” said Nick.

“Although it’s always a little daunting to start a new role, our company is full of smart and capable people who take time to educate, teach and share their learnings with new folk, and that’s something I hope never changes.”

Nick’s advice to anyone considering a career in energy is to work to embrace each new challenge as wholeheartedly as possible.

“Homes and businesses up and down Australia’s east coast rely heavily on the Gippsland gas we provide and I am proud to play a role in supporting this key need of Australian society and our economy,” continues Nick.

“Working in energy is both fascinating and dynamic. Our industry is continually evolving and careers in this field will always provide a rich and diverse learning experience.”