SSHE gather the family for a jam-packed day of lockdown entertainment

SSHE team host a Family Fun Day

As the COVID-19 pandemic, restrictions and quarantines continue well into their second year, it’s becoming increasingly necessary to break up our traditional working-from-home routine and seek out new ways to keep motivated and connected. During the school holidays, Maree Holden and Kate Waterhouse organised a day of lockdown fun for members of the SSHE team and their entire families.

After a short introduction from Sarah Sheales, the SSHE Family Fun Day kicked off with an art class held by the Pip Dot Art Studio, which was followed by an entertaining session with comedian and magician Adam Dean. For lunch the team’s own Rob Tyler and Lucy Levecke shared their favourite meals. Those that sat in on Rob’s session created a scrumptious French toast, while Lucy created tasty rice paper rolls with her participants. For the children involved, the day concluded with a virtual tour of the Cairns Aquarium guided by their resident Zoologist and Ecologist, featuring educational workbooks for those that wished to use them. The adults stayed on the call to finish the day with a mocktail/cocktail masterclass held by Three Wolves.

 “We structured the day so that partners, children of all ages and our site based team members could participate for the whole day or in parts, leveraging activities that all age groups would enjoy” said Sarah Sheales, SSHE Manager.

“Everyone’s creative side came out during the art class, with Lily Scourtis showing off her impressive art skills with a portrait of her brother. Anna Henry and family created a rice paper roll production line, and we saw an array of beautiful sea life at the aquarium, including an awesome puffer fish,” she continued.

“It was a great opportunity to break up the traditional work week, have a laugh and get to know each other even better.”