Dylan Pugh joins Grace Papers live cooking session

Encouraging conversation on challenging gender stereotypes
Image ExxonMobil Australia Chair, Dylan Pugh

ExxonMobil Australia Chair, Dylan Pugh

On November 25, Grace Paper’s put gendered stereotypes on the chopping block with Medical Doctor and VicHealth CEO, Sandro Demaio, joined by ExxonMobil Australia Chair, Dylan Pugh.

The live cooking session was utilised to kick-off Grace Paper’s Respect at Work Campaign - the International Day to End Violence Against Women – with the conversation focused on how men can actively dismantle gender equality through engagement in the kitchen, all whilst cooking a delicious caper, black olive, anchovy and chilli spaghetti.

“Nutritious food is key to both physical and mental health, and I truly enjoyed the opportunity to cook alongside Sandro and discuss some key issues in an engaging and interactive way,” said Dylan Pugh, ExxonMobil Australia Chair.

“I am a huge advocate for encouraging open communication and challenging gender stereotypes, both in my personal life and within the workplace.

“As a male, it is important to ensure we are comfortable sharing our vulnerability, embrace parenthood fully and find balance in our career and home life. At ExxonMobil Australia, we encourage everyone to fully utilise the parental leave available, allowing them the opportunity to support their partner in parenting. 

“Not only does this have a positive benefit to our mental health and wellbeing, it also gives us an opportunity to learn many skills, such as resilience, that we can bring back to the workplace,” he continued.

“Thank you to Grace Paper’s for providing such an entertaining opportunity to discuss such an important and prevalent topic,” he concluded.